Back to the future in Bellaria Kino

If you like going to the movies, but hate it if everybody around you is loudly chewing popcorn or dropping their m&m’s, you should visit the Bellaria Kino. It’s more than going to the cinema, it’s like traveling back in time.

Founded in 1911, the Bellaria Kino is one of Vienna’s oldest movietheaters. Even most visitors looked like they were born that year and are probably regular costumers here. The movietheater is so old fashioned, it doesn’t even have a website. It does have a popcornmaker though, but when I was there, it wasn’t being used.

The theater itself is quite long and narrow and the screen is not too big, so you’d rather not sit in the back. But you have a perfect view from the first ten rows. Most people preferred to sit in the middle, so me and my fellow student Magda had an ideal spot just in front of the moviescreen.

A ticket costs € 7 euro. Cash only, of course.











Bellaria Kino, Museumstraße 3 (1st district, Innere Stadt)


Afterwards, we walked to Karlsplatz to have a beer in front of an even older monument, the majestic Karlskirche. I hope to see the inside very soon.



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