Bad habbits at the Musikverein

As you take your bad habbits wherever you go, today i arrived ten minutes too late at a concert at the famous Musikverein. Luckily, me and two other people could listen to Brahms in the ‘waiting room’ until the first applause.

By that time, half an hour later, we could sneak in and see the rest of the concert. I had a great seating spot at the balcony and was surprised to see several people standing next to an empty chair the whole concert. I figured they had bought tickets for standing places (‘Stehplätze’), but a few of them seemed to be with people who were sitting in a chair. Maybe they wanted a better view at the performance on stage, cause they were sitting (and standing) in one of the last rows at the balcony. Or they had paid for Stehplätze after all and their company just thought wurst.





Musikverein, Musikvereinsplatz 1 (1st district, Innere Stadt)

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