Best ‘Stehplatz’ at Mozart’s Requiem

Because the Viennese feel that everybody should listen to Mozart, they invented ‘Stehplätze‘. But if you’re lucky, you can still sit and enjoy a breathtaking Requiem from one of the first rows.

In the capital of classical music, everybody – either rich or poor – is able to experience classical concerts, opera’s and operettes (light opera’s). Thanks to the Stehplätze, if you don’t mind getting tired feet, you can see the opera for only € 4 euro.

Tonight I bought a Stehplatz  for Mozart’s Requiem in the beautiful Karlskirche. The cheapest seats costed € 28 euro, but the concert would only last an hour and a standing room ticket was just € 12 euro. I was happy to discover that, from there, I still had a great view at the stage. But just before the concert startet, the man who sold me the ticket ‘smuggled’ me and the other ‘Stehplätzers‘ to one of the first rows in front of the choir! Since it was my first actual concert in Vienna, I don’t know yet whether this is common, but it makes sense if a concert is not sold out. It was an unexpected gift.

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Karlskirche (Karlsplatz, 1st district)

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