Award winning beer at Salm Bräu

If you want to drink an award winning beer and eat good meat, go to Salm Bräu. Even the staff is superfriendly. It was here, that I first learned how the Austrians call half a liter of beer: Krügerl. For my stomach, a ‘little’ Seidel was good enough though.

Salm Bräu is a traditional brewery with a romantic courtyard, where you can sit, drink, eat and talk till late in the evening. Me and Jeff shared a ‘Bauernschmaus’, a plate with lots of delicious meat on it. It turned out to be more than enough for two persons, especially combined with the beer, that tastes way better than the Ottokringer beer.

Salm Brau1

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Salm Bräu, Rennweg 8 (3rd district, Landstraße)

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