Where one door closes, another is still open

In Vienna, you’ll find a Billa at almost every street corner. Maybe that’s a result of the supermarket’s typical opening hours; if one Billa just closed for the day, you’ll only need a few minutes to get to another one.

Although dining out in Vienna is relatively cheap compared to Amsterdam, buying and cooking your own food is not. After my first grocery shopping, I immediately started a quest for a budget supermarket.

So by now, I’m a loyal customer of Hofer and Zielpunkt. They have some good fruits and veggies and even their bread tastes great. It’s still not as cheap as the Turkish supermarkets in Amsterdam, but Hofer’s ‘Karottenbrot’ – with carrots and sunflower seeds – makes up for everything.

You’ll find most things you need at Hofer. If not, there’s always Billa, of course. And in worst case scenario, you can always find an escape route to a Spar Gourmet – the luxe edition of the normal Spar.

Billa1 Billa2 Billa3







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