Schloss Schönbrunn: world’s biggest doll’s house

One cannot leave Vienna without having seen Schloss Schönbrunn, the famous palace of the Habsburgs. It’s gold-coloured interior with chandeliers and fresco’s is so ‘over the top’, you feel like you’re walking in world’s biggest doll’s house.

Once entered the gates of Schloss Schönbrunn, it’s impossible nót to be impressed by the look of the gigantic palace and it’s huge gardens where every grass haulm has the exact same length. All this fortune couldn’t satisfy every Habsburger though. Elisabeth, the ‘hyped’ empress of Austria better known as ‘Sisi’, used to mock her servants and fled most of the time abroad. The audiotour also mentioned her obsession with her appearance and figure, but apparently the Austrians prefer to avoid the word ‘anorexia’.

Officially, it’s not allowed to make pictures inside the palace. I sort of did, but just to show you how many people visit Schloss Schönbrunn. It didn’t bother me though. You can buy your ticket at a ticketmachine, for which you don’t have to stand in line. And the queue at the entrance moves quite fast. The gardens you can visit for free.

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Schloss Schönbrunn, Schönbrunner Schlossstrasse 47 (13th district, Hietzing)

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