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‘Elfmeter’ victory at Cafe Toni

Tonight I watched the Dutch football team win the quarter-finals in Cafe Toni at the Servitengasse. I learned two essential German words: abseits (offside) and Elfmeter (penalty). Also, I hope to have found a good, typical Viennese coffeehouse to work.

cafe toniQuarter-finals

Four Viennese guys were so kind to adopt me and I had a great evening. I asked them if they know a nice, traditional Viennese coffeeplace, cause the famous Café Central was a little disappointing, like expected. A lot of famous writers and composers used to meet up here, but nowadays it’s crowded with tourists.

Café Prückel at the Stubenring  was their advice. I’m gonna check it out tomorrow!

Café Toni, Servittengasse 19 (9th district, Alsergrund)

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Know your district: Alsergrund, part 1

This evening I went for a little walk in my neighbourhood Alsergrund, the 9th ‘Bezirk’. The district feels quite relaxed and because of the students who live here, there are enough bars, restaurants and shops.

Vienna has more than twenty districts. ‘Bezirk’ 1 is the historical centre and Alsergrund lies next to it.

Vienna's districts

It’s one of the smaller districts that hosts the main building of the University of Vienna, as well as the student campus. Since I’m quite busy working, I haven’t seen much from the district since my arrival last Tuesday. I haven’t seen many students either. But from whát I have seen, the atmosphere here seems quite balanced. The street I live in, is elegant and quiet with aristocratic houses and hardly any traffic. But just around the corner there is this lovely square with a beautiful and typical Austrian church, the ‘Servitenkirche’, and a few nice bars and restaurants. Today I sat down at one of them, called Luxor, and had my first ‘Viennese’ Italian cappuccino.

Next to me, there was this older man, I think around 70 years old, who looked like a professor or writer wearing a tidy suit and reading the newspaper. I was surprised to see the same person ordering like five huge beers within an hour and wobbeling home afterwards.

Luxor, Grünentorgasse 19b (9th district, Alsergrund)


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