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Graffiti as it’s supposed to

Being the biggest graffiti-zone in town, the Donaukanal in Vienna has a totaly different look and feel than the spotless inner city. I love to walk alongside the canal, where graffiti-artists are allowed to experiment freely.

The contrast couldn’t be bigger. Whereas the inner city is supertidy, the shores of the Donaukanal are covered with graffiti, decorated with dented trash cans and floating garbage. But in this case, the Viennese don’t mind. Cause here, it’s supposed to look that way.

However, that didn’t stop a 30-year old vandal with a lack of creativity from tagging his name all over town. He ruined some great pieces of (graffiti-) art by doing so. It took the police a few months to arrest him and nowadays you see his tag everywhere you go. This July ‘Puber’ was sentenced to fourteen months imprisonment. Hardest challenge for the public prosecutor was to prove the scribblings were actually his.

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