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Books and Kaffee Latte

The best discoveries are done by accident. That also counts for ‘Phil’ in Vienna. Here, you can buy books, music and sit down for a Kaffee Latte with soy milk.

Phil is a typical place where young and creative people like to go to. Most of them were between twenty and forty years old, so I felt at home immediately, relaxing on a leather couch from the seventies, surrounded by books and ordering a Kaffee Latte with soy milk (hard to get in traditional coffeehouses).














The tea and food is mostly organic, but don’t expect big meals though; the ‘burger’ I ordered, turned out to be a small sandwich with cheese and ham. But you don’t come to Phil for the grand food. You come here to talk with friends, drink (good) coffee or herb tea, read a book, work on your laptop and to get inspirered.






Phil, Gumpendorfer Straße 10-12 (6th district, Mariahilf)

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