Citybike Vienna: cheap, fast and easy!

Although Vienna has a perfect public transport system, I think biking is the best and nicest way to get to know a new city. With Citybike, you can bike across the city for free!

Being a Dutchie, I cannot survive without a bike. Also, I don’t want to spend more money than necessary. For people like me, God invented Citybike. It’s easy, fast and supercheap!

Once you’ve registered with your creditcard, you pay € 1 euro one-time only. After that, you can get (and return) a bike at more than 100 biking stations in Vienna! The first hour is free of charge and considering the fact that you can bike across the city in half an hour, you never have to pay for anything, unless you want to bike longer. The second hour you will be charged € 1 euro, the third hour € 2 euro etc. You always have to return the bike at a station.

Vienna is very safe for bikers. But, there are a few things you want to know before using Citybike. These tips might come in handy :

– Before blindly picking a number on the screen, check out the best looking bike. The saddle height isn’t always that easily adjustable and not every bike has gears. The second gear doesn’t always work though. If you want to be safe, take a bike without gears. Besides that, they’re comfortable bikes, with super brakes and properly inflated tires.

– The bikes have no locks, so you cannot just park them on the streets, or leave them unguarded. You can only park them at a Citybike station.

– GET THE FLYER with all the Citybike stations and don’t lose it! You don’t want to risk searching for a Citybike station while the clock is ticking. You’ll find the flyers at most stations. Take two, just in case. If you have internet on your phone, you can download the app, or this one for Android.

– You also need to know where the second nearest station is, in case the station you want to return your bike to, is FULL. This happens occasionally and kinda sucks, but because there are so many stations, you’ll probably find another one within five minutes. The apps show you how many free boxes and bikes there are at the several stations.

Once you’re prepared, you’ll be happy! If not, you can always use the superb public transport in Vienna. citybike2

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