Homemade ‘Karottenkuchen’ for breakfast

Yesterday I arrived in Vienna and met my roommate Sarah and her two cats, Yumus and Django. Today, I enjoyed her homemade Karottenkuchen (carrot cake) for breakfast and learned a thing about bees.

Besides baking now and then, turns out Sarah likes bees. She is a beekeeper and she visits her little friends every few weeks in her aunts garden near Vienna’s city boarders. 

Sarah and Yumus

She told me a lot of bees die as a result of the pesticides used in agriculture. The bees in Vienna are doing quite well, though. That’s because there are less farmers here and bees also feed from flowering trees, not only from flowers that grow in the fields.



Apparantly, Sarah is not the only bee lover in town. According to her, beekeeping is becoming a true hype in Vienna, also amongst young people. I am very excited to learn more about her hobby.

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